Scandinavian Seaweed is a family-owned company that hand picks and delivers seaweed worldwide under the trademark Scandsea®.


Scandinavian Seaweed delivers seaweed directly to restaurants, to the public. We have always had a great interest in nature’s gifts, not only from the deeper sea but also from the sea shore, from the meadows and from the forests.


Over the years, we have gained a lifetime’s experience in maritime activities on both professional and private levels. After obtaining a Master’s Degree in Marine Science in 2015, we were standing at the crossroads; either to continue with an academic research career or to make our own path and combine work with what we love, to spend our time in the ocean and to create something which is sustainable and honest. It was an easy choice.

Our years of experience as professional divers means we have the skills to source and pick seaweed underwater and findthe right locations for the right seaweed species . Scandsea Seaweed is wild-picked by hand, mostly along Bohuslän, the Swedish west coast.