Scandinavian Seaweed company offers Artisian  Hand Picked Scandinavian Seaweed of the best quality.


Driven by two marine biologists and professional divers.

Seaweed is harvested sustainably in Skagerrak on west coast of Sweden.

You can find our food and skincare products made exclusively  from our seaweed under   Scandsea® trade mark on our webshop.

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Katerina:  Throughout my whole career, I have worked with the sea. Among other as a diver and marine biologist on coral projects in Australia and Indonesia, as a dive center manager and underwater photographer in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia. After moving to Swedish West coast, seaweed became my biggest interest underwater

After seeing how the underwater world deteriorate around the world, seeweed gives me a great hope. We can enjoy what the ocean has to offer without destroying it. Seaweed combines my passions for diving, being in the nature and learning new skills with my vision of a sustainable future with seaweed as as important, but forgotten, nutrient rich food source that we often have an easy access to.

Seaweed is also nutrient rich solution for our skin. Our products are all natural.

I love sharing my knowledge about seaweed and showing others the wonderful live beneath the surface through pictures, lectures and our courses.


Johan: I am passionate about diving and cooking. The best I know is to combine these two. I pick a lot of my own food in the sea, the forest and on the beach. Already as a young teenager, I atarted picking mussels, shells and sea urchins during the dives, which I then cooked. After opening my eyes to seaweed, it was only natural to start to incorporate it into cooking, Seaweed is very versatile and has many different flavour and textures.

I am a trained military diver, professional diver, chef and marine biologist.