Sugarkelp Sockertång from Bohuslän (Saccharina latissima)


Sugarkelp is a single frond brown seaweed growing up to 5 meters long. Sugarkelp has a savory-sweet taste due to its high mannitol content. Sugarkelp is high in iodine, iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium and potassium, vitamins C, A, B1, B2 and D.

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Sugarkelp is one of the most versatile seaweed in the kitchen. Sugarkelp can simply be used as a salt substitute or as a seasoning for added umami flavor on fish, rice, couscous, pizza, steak, mashed potatoes. It is also good to fry or to deep-fry after soaking in cold water for cca10 minutes.

Sugarkelp can be easily stirred fried and fits perfectly with kale. Our favorite is sugarkelp and kale sautéed in butter.

Sugarkelp, like kombu, enhances the flavor of any dishes with umami flavor and can be used as a base for Asian style soups and broths like dashi or miso.

Sugarkelp milled into flour can be added to bread or pasta dough. It helps the yeasting process in bread and adds valuable nutrition to plain pasta.


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