Seaweed Spice with Umami taste

129 kr

Seaweed Spice with Umami taste goes best with warm dishes. You can sprinkle it on Asian dishes such asĀ  rice, noodles, but also on couscous, use it as a seasoning in soups, goes great with most dishes from vegan to fish dish, try it on grilled cheese or meat.

It is a kind of luxurious spice that gives that extra minera boost, but also texture and that deepens the taste of you favourite dishes. You kan really experiment with this one, as it is so easy to use.

Tip for use:

Drizzle couscous with olive oil, sprinkle with Scandsea Seaweed spice with UMAMI seasoning and add the rucola salad and diced feta cheese, enjoy.

Japanese Fast Food: Add rice vinegar to a bowl of cooked rice, soy sauce to taste, raw egg yolk and Scandsea Seaweed spice with UMAMI taste, mix and consume immediately.

The possibilities of use of the Scandsea Seaweed spice with UMAMI are endless, it is suitable for most salty dishes, preferably cooked and still warm as the umami taste is released mostly when warmed up. It is therefore ideal as final spice on top of thick soups, such as pumpkin, potato leak etc.


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