Seaweed Spice Trio




Seaweed Spice trio


Spicy Seaweed Salt


Wild harvested seaweed in Skagerrak

Content: Seasalt,  S. latissima, Laminaria digitata,  F. serratus, smoked paprika, chilli flakes.

Spicy and smoky taste enriched  with seaweed umami. Perfect grill buddy.

Suggestions to use: as a spicy, flavour rich salt. Spice up your vegetables, cheese and meat before grilling. Can be used in salad marinates. Homemade chips and popcorn. Sprinkle onto creamy vegetable soup. Deep flavoured spice mix for spreads and dipping sauces.


Smoked Seaweed Salt


Wild harvested seaweed in Skagerrak

Content: Seasalt,  Laminaria digitata, Palmaria palmata

Smoked Seaweed Salt. A powerful spice in our spice set, strong, salty and smokey. As I always say, the easiest way to start with seaweed is to use a little bit every day. The smoky taste of blend of smoked kombu and dulce, combined with sea salt is THE thing if you like to cook thick vegetable soups, sprinkle it on the top after it is served, just remember to salt the soup less while cooing, because you will want to add more of this smoky saltiness. Works also well with oily fish, salty pies, or simply on cream-cheese sand-witch. It generally works well with heavier food and with cheese or eggs.


Seaweed Spice with Umami Taste

Wild harvested seaweed in Skagerrak

Content: Seasalt,  Laminaria digitata, white sesame, black sesame


Seaweed Spice with Umami taste goes best with warm dishes. You can sprinkle it on Asian dishes such as  rice, noodles, but also on couscous, use it as a seasoning in soups, goes great with most dishes from vegan to fish dish, try it on grilled cheese or meat.

It is a kind of luxurious spice that gives that extra minera boost, but also texture and that deepens the taste of you favourite dishes. You kan really experiment with this one, as it is so easy to use.