Dulce (Palmaria palmata)


Dulce is the only seaweed we import from Island or Ireland because it is not sustainable to harvest in Sweden. Dulce is the number one seaweed eaten in north Atlantic island states. Dulce is a red seaweed and goes well with both savory and sweet dishes. It has deep taste of licorice when boiled and bacon aftertaste when fried.

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Dulce has a special taste. It is a deep taste, blend between sweet and salty, which makes it suitable to use in both salty but also sweet dishes.

Dulce is great to sprinkle over on pies. For example pie with pancetta and ricotta or spinach and ricotta. You can fry soaked dulce in butter and add to any dish for vegetarian bakon taste.

One great way how to use dulce is to add it to your homemade mayonnaise. Delicious

On the other hand, the combination of dulce with chocolate is perfect. Try to add some to brownies nor to any of your cookie mix. It will lift the taste but not overpower the other tastes.

Tip: before you crumble your seaweed dry in in a dry pan on medium heat or in oven heated to 60 degrees. It will make it easier to crumble.

10 g dry weight


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10 g