Bladderwrack Blåstång from Bohuslän (Fucus vesiculosus)


Bladderwrack is rich on antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, E and beta-carotene. It is high on natrium, calcium, magnesium and Sulphur, contains trace elements of iron, iodine, manganese and zinc.

Seaweed is a natural product and can contain traces of crustaceans.

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Suggested use:
Bladderwrack fits well with fish and seafood dishes either grounded and sprinkled on as a flavor enhancer or as a base in a stock.

You can simply add soaked bladderwrack to fish or mussel soups to enhance their flavor. Add bladderwrack to boiling rice, quinoa or potatoes for deeper flavor. Soaked Bladderwrack can also be added into stir-fries.

Bladderwrack can also be pickled in the common 1-2-3 solution.


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